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Sam’s Mobile Locksmith, Inc. – Who We Are:

Sam Haney is the owner/technician of the business operating in Anne Arundel County, MD,  since 1997.  A retired Air Force Master Sergeant, Sam received his certified locksmith training through the Foley-Belsaw Institute in January 1997, and has since continued his professional training in the field and classroom.  Sam’s Mobile Locksmith, Inc. is a member in good standing with: The Greater Baltimore BBB, Associated Locksmiths of America, and The Maryland Locksmith’s Association.  The company is a registered chapter  ‘s’ corporation in the state of Maryland and is fully insured and bonded.

Scope of Services:  Sam’s Mobile locksmith, Inc. provides security hardware and locksmith services for a wide range of commercial, residential and government security hardware and service applications.  We are knowledgeable in national fire and life-safety codes and the American With Disabilities act.  We do not do automotive work. For a more detailed /specific idea of what we do, please see our home page or call or email us:  410-320-9933 or  samslock@msn.com or samslock@gmail.com

Consumer Issues & Locksmith Licensing:

In the state of Maryland, locksmiths must be licensed through DLLR. 

If you think you have been a victim of a locksmith scam, please contact DLLR at http://www.dllr.state.md.us/license/oplic.shtml#forms.

Common Terms – Definitions (From the Associated Locksmiths of America, abridged):

Access Control:  Any barrier or device, either natural or man-made, that limits or prohibits, free or unlimited access.

(Lock) Cylinder:  A complete operating unit which usually consists of the plug shell, tumblers, springs, plug retainer, a cam/tailpiece or other actuating device, and all other necessary operating parts.

High Security Cylinder:  A cylinder which offers a greater degree of resistance to any two or more of the following:  picking, impressioning,  key duplication, drilling  or other forms of forcible entry.

Master Key:A key which operates all the master keyed locks or cylinders in a group, each lock or cylinder usually operated by its own change key; to combinate a group of locks or cylinders such that each is operated  by its own change key as well as by a master key for the entire group.

Pushbutton Lock: A self contained lock with controls that must be pressed in a specific pattern or sequence to open the lock.

Locks:  Keyed Alike / Keyed Different

Keying all locks alike simply means one key will operate every lock in a given area, a home or small business for example.  For all the locks in the structure to be keyed alike they must have the same ‘keyway,’ meaning that one type of key will physically fit  into the locks’ slot.  This is easily determined by you or the locksmith.  For example, a home having all locks manufactured by Kwikset can be keyed alike at no additional expense.  However, if for example, there is was a Schlage lock in the mix, then it would have to be replaced with a Kwikset lock to keep all locks on the same key, i.e., keyed alike.

Keyed different means just that – one or more locks in a given area will take a different key than the rest of the the group.  Usually this is not the preferred method.  See the following section for more information on keying locks differently.

Common Re-Keying  Information  For Homes & Businesses

Unless there you have a compelling reason you will want all your home’s locks keyed alike – to work on one key.  This saves you the hassle of trying to fit the ‘right’ key into a lock with an arm full of groceries while standing in the rain, or if otherwise you need to quickly enter the home.  Some exceptions to this include limiting access to children or house guests, maid services, contractors, etc. 

Businesses more often need the security and flexibility which master keying can provide.  The owner will typically have a master key to all areas while assistants have keys to fewer areas.  For example the office manager may need a (master) key to access all interior and exterior doors to the business, except the owner’s office.  The shift supervisor may need a key to all areas except the maintenance and computer/telephone closet areas.  The facility manager of that same business would need the master to all areas, including the owner’s office, etc.

Key Control – High Security Options

Other than the integrity of the door and its lock, key control is the most important aspect of any rekeying job.  Businesses should always consider incorporating the use of high security locks with  restricted/patented keys that are not reproducible  at the hardware store or by anyone other than the express permission of the owner.  We carry a full line of high-security lock cylinder and restricted key hardware solutions.

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